Flyease – How easy-entry footwear gives Nike easy entry to the disability market

When it comes to making their mark on the disability market, Nike are not only sticking to their slogan: Just do it! In recent months, they seem to be doing it well.

The Lebron Soldier 8 Flyease Zoom (the Flyease) is a basketball shoe that debuts Nike's innovative easy entry and closure system. Released July 2015, this product immediately captured significant and positive attention worldwide, not least in the ever-expanding disability market.

Pursuing the Purple Pound: How embracing the emerging disability market is good for business

In recent years we have witnessed the rise of the 'pink pound', the 'grey dollar', and the 'green dollar', and financial forecasters are now looking to what might be dubbed the 'disability dollar' or the 'purple pound' as an important market for businesses to explore.

This is an exciting time for businesses embracing the emerging disability market, and the following key points are discussed in more detail in the body of the article.

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