The size of the Disability Market - almost as big as China

A Significant Market

The global disability market comprises an estimated 1.85 billion consumers, equivalent to the size of the market in China and equating to nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide. Factor in friends and family close enough to have an emotional attachment to the consumer-related needs of persons with disabilities, and you have a further 3.3 billion consumers.

Combined, these two groups have an estimated disposable income of more than $13 trillion - more than €3.5 trillion in the European Union alone. source: Design Delight From Disability. Return on Disability Annual Report 2020

An Emerging Market

The disability market represents both a challenge and an opportunity. This emerging market is growing year on year, with significant unmet need and relatively uncontested market space.

As with any emerging markets, businesses that do well are those that invest time and resources in understanding unmet need and providing products and services that respond to it directly.

To achieve ongoing success, businesses need to do more than just react to complaints and changes in the law. To secure a positive and sustainable return on investment (ROI), businesses should look to actively engage new customers and be proactive in the disability market. This means finding ways to create new revenue streams, expand existing markets and achieve a closer connection to more customers.

Trader unable to take money from customers with disabilities as his goods and services do not meet the needs of such customers.

Is your business leaving money on the table?
Meeting the needs of disabled customers: low cost, high impact.


What EquaLex can do for you

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EquaLex can help ensure that your business is not only in full compliance with disability equality law, but is also able to successfully participate in the disability market.

We can help you maximise your effectiveness in the disability market by:

  • Assessing new opportunities for your business, including an analysis of investment and related risks.
  • Supporting your business in its marketing strategy and optimizing the customer journey for customers with disabilities.
  • Enabling your business to fully benefit from the disability labour market, thereby enhancing its productivity, customer relations and capacity for innovation.