Why EquaLex?

When faced with accessibility concerns, many businesses consult individual specialists working within separate fields, with little to no interdisciplinary knowledge or experience. What's more, the consultants are typically hired from a limited pool of expertise in a single country even when there are no appreciable jurisdictional constraints.

Such a disjointed and country-specific approach can limit the choice of expertise and the quality, effectiveness and applicability of recommendations. It also adds transaction costs that are avoidable.

Our approach means that we can:

  • Connect you to the most appropriate expertise for your business.
  • Keep your transaction costs to a minimum.

We are also able to offer local expertise where needed and 'on-site' guidance in an increasing number of countries (contact us for more details).

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What EquaLex Offers

  • A flexible and thoughtfully managed service that can help you address specific issues or provide a comprehensive analysis of your accessibility project.
  • Recommendations supported by clear analysis that will help you achieve meaningful and cost-effective compliance with national and international disability standards.
  • Practical training and facilitation services to help you implement our recommendations.

Meeting Your Needs

A flexible package, tailored to you

Our range of expertise means that we can assist you whether you require:

  • input from a legal specialist
  • an accessibility audit
  • a market analysis and strategic review
  • help designing or redesigning a physical space
  • documents or media in accessible formats
  • an accessible website.
Disability equality is an on-going process of identification, assessment and barrier removal.

Compliance assessments - made against an analytical framework of laws, policies and principles

How it Works

A Practical Approach

We recognise that every business comes to us at a different stage in their accessibility project.

It may be that you only require a specific or small-scale service such as document or media conversion into accessible formats or legal assistance on a specific matter. In such cases, we require minimal input from you in order for us to complete your project.

For other services, we may require greater input, meaning that we typically begin by learning about your business, its operational context and, where necessary, its market situation and positioning. Before providing recommendations, we will apply a bespoke analytical framework to assess, for example, your current accessibility status or the opportunities for your business in the disability market. Finally, we will offer various levels of support to help you implement the recommendations should help be needed.

Our Expertise

Our team is headed by Richard Whittle, a legal specialist who knows from experience that meaningful compliance with disability equality standards is a prerequisite for successful and sustainable engagement with the disability market.

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